Various Bad Effects of Social Media

Recently, communication technology appears to be one of the kinds of technology that notes the most rapid growth among others. One of the things that can be noticed on the rapid growth of communication technology is by the highest growth of internet. In this time, the growth of internet is being hits through the appearance of social media websites. There are some great things that you can do in this websites starting from only doing chat until dong business. But, behind its greatness for people, you have to notice that social media also able to lead bad effects for its users.

Some Bad Effects Of Social Media for Your Children

Well, social media recently growths rapidly and becomes the most visited websites for internet users. As the time goes by when the internet can be accessed through mobile phone, the number of people in visiting social media is getting higher. More than just adult, but, social media recently is also being visited by children. But, different from adult, the use of social media for children is seen as something that may result some bad things on them. It can be so since children are commonly considered to be more susceptible from getting crime actions. So, as parent, you should aware on some bad things that possibly gotten by your children through accessing social media.

As the easier in accessing social media trough mobile phone, there are some bad things that are also easier to affect your children. As for you know, social media can give addictive effect on your children in which may able to make them get more frequent in accessing this sites. As the consequences, your children are easily to get lazier in socializing, studying, and also other positive activities. In addition, it cannot be denied that social media is also able to make your children are easier to get some crime actions such as bullying and sexual abuse. So, when you find that your children frequently accessing social media through their mobile phone, you have to keep monitoring them through using great software like android phone spy application.


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